Current Political Landscape 2017

Not sure why I'm writing this. Mostly just to do something. Also to explain to international friends and friends from the southern US why my twitter is a constant stream of bedwetting political commentary.

Take some time to understand what's happening. Even if you disagree with my general perspective this will help you consider my worldview and the context I'm approaching current events from.

Start here:

Then read this:

At this point you'll think this is all misguided, overblown, etc but I want you to really consider how this could happen and what it might look like slowly engaged over years. How it could be normalized.

We always assume things like this happen in a week with bright spotlights but they don't. They happen one step at a time with people wondering what the big deal is, saying oh they're protesting again, snowflakes, etc

Then read this and connect the dots for what step 1 looks like in action:

It's all scary and I hope it doesn't happen but at least be informed so you can understand why so many people are upset right now.

January 30 2017