Hi. I'm Ben Edmunds.

I create software, lead engineering teams, and solve problems to generate profit for businesses.


With fifteen years of experience in the industry I've worked on everything from enterprise software to robotics. Currently my focus is creating web, mobile, and chat applications. I co-host the PHP Town Hall podcast. I've authored a couple books on security, Securing PHP Apps (Apress) and Securing Node JS Apps. I enjoy contributing to open source, notably, Ion Auth. I'm a member of the CodeIgniter Council Steering Committee and the CodeIgniter Security Team.

My experience both as a software developer and as a C-suite executive gives me the rare ability to bridge the gap between business needs and technology concerns.

Working together means we'll partner on projects to dig in to your business problems and architect a technology solution that provides outsized value to your organization.

I've had the pleasure of working with some great companies

and on some really fun projects


My goal is always to add value to your business so reach out even if you don't see a perfect match below.

On-Demand CTO

Running a business is hard work. Likely the hardest thing that any of us will ever undertake. You don't have to do it all alone.

You'll get all of the benefits of a technical co-founder without losing equity. Together we can ensure that you're making the correct technical decisions. I can also help you build your engineering team or jump in during times of transition to guide and focus your efforts.

$2,500 / month
includes full access to me 5 days per week via email, text, or scheduled meetings. We'll also setup weekly calls to review goals and set strategy. We'll work closely together to ensure your fires are extinguished and your business is on a stable path.
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Web Application / API Development

A flexible and platform independent way to get your ideas in front of a large percentage of users.

Whether it's a custom application I develop for you, off the shelf software, enterprise software, or a hybrid. I can evaluate your needs to help you decide the right path forward. Then execute on that plan to provide you with a stable application.

$6,000 / month
includes 40 hours of development, weekly calls, sprint planning, and monthly we'll evalute your overall goals along with our progress towards them.
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Chatbot Development & Automation

If you or your team are frequently losing hours to repetitive tasks it may be time to evaluate what options you have to automate various processes.

Chatbots help fully integrate this into your workflow without interrupting efficiency by giving you a familiar interface for interacting with your automation processes.

$1,000 / month
includes initial chatbot development, hosting, and maintenance. Along with monthly progress reports and calls to ensure we're doing the most we can to streamline your business.
always available


I've been fortunate enough to speak at conferences around the world, here are some recent talks.


I've written two books, Securing PHP Apps (Apress) and Securing Node JS Apps.

Let's work together.

If you're interested in working together email me at ben@benedmunds.com with details and I'll be happy to connect.

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