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PHP - Usually using CodeIgniter, Slim, or Laravel.
Ruby - Rails and Sinatra mostly. This site is built with Jekyll.
Javascript - Node.js, Express, jQuery, Backbone.js, AngularJS.
Design - None at all.
Product - You name it, I can handle it.


I'm Ben Edmunds (obviously). I'm a bit of a nomad but I've settled down in Brooklyn, NY for now with my girlfriend and our basset hound. I'm into good coffee, food, trading, binge watching tv series, and comics books.


I've been creating things with code for over a decade now, in that time I've done everything from server administration to robotics programming. Currently my focus is web and mobile development as the CTO of a boutique software consultantcy and healthcare technology company. I'm the author of a couple books, Building Secure PHP Apps and Building Secure Node JS Apps. I'm on the steering committee and security boards for the CodeIgniter PHP framework. I also speak at a half dozen or so conferences a year about various development topics, mainly PHP and Javascript.

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