Hi. I'm Ben Edmunds.

I'm currently a Staff Engineer @ SeatGeek working on accelerating developers.


With twenty years of experience in the industry I've worked on everything from startups to enterprise software to robotics. My experience both as a staff+ engineer and as a hands-on CTO gives me the rare ability to bridge the gap between business needs and engineering concerns.

Currently my focus is creating web applications and developing all of the ops. I co-host the PHP Town Hall podcast. I've authored a couple books on security, Securing PHP Apps (Apress) and Securing Node JS Apps.

I also enjoy contributing to open source, notably, Ion Auth. I'm a member of the CodeIgniter Council Steering Committee, the CodeIgniter Security Team, and an alum of the PHP-FIG Core Committee.


I've been fortunate enough to speak at conferences around the world, here are some of those talks.


I've written two books, Securing PHP Apps (Apress) and Securing Node JS Apps.

Get In Touch.

If you'd like to get in touch, you can reach me at ben@benedmunds.com.

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