Road Trip Day 8 - Tulsa, OK to Memphis, TN

The ride from Tulsa to Memphis was of course pretty boring but Memphis has turned out to be interesting to say the least. The hotel we had booked was extremely sketchy so we went to dinner while we looked for another hotel. We ate at Central BBQ and Memphis did not disappoint!

After dinner we went to another hotel, that we booked online during dinner, and once again it was extremely sketchy. After cancelling that hotel we finally booked a decent one on the East side of town.

Had a great night’s sleep and now I’m doing a bit of work before hitting the road to go home. We’re planning on eating lunch at the Hard Rock since we try to stop at them whenever we can, maybe one day we’ll see them all. We’re going to pick up some souvenirs while we’re downtown and take in a little more of the city. This road trip has been a great adventure.

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