Book Review - Integrating Frontend Components with Web Applications

I recently had the pleasure of receiving an early copy of Integrating Frontend Components with Web Applications by Maks Surguy.

What’s it cover

This book has excellent content explained in a thorough, yet really engaging manner. It covers a wide array of common frontend components including

  • Integrating Twitter Bootstrap
  • Tagging
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Spinners
  • Auto-Completing Search
  • AJAX Login and Registration
  • AJAX file Uploads

  • Avatar Cropping
  • Date Pickers


I really enjoyed reading this book. I have been doing a large amount for frontend work for years now and I even learned several things from this book. I especially liked that Maks made no assumptions as to the existing knowledge of the reader. Junior all the way through Senior developers will find something for them in this material.

The diagrams and visuals throughout really distinguish this book IMHO. I would be surprised if there are any concepts covered that someone isn’t able to easily follow and understand. It’s hard to even express how clear and concise things are conveyed here, check out the sample chapter on Leanpub to see what I mean.

BTW - I’ve never seen Parsley before and it looks like a kick ass validation library. I’ll definitely be using this in future projects.


My only criticism is the reliance on Laravel and jQuery for many of the examples. I completely understand the constraints an author is under though, you have to keep the examples succinct while still getting the point across, so overall I think Maks found a great balance between generalities and specifics.

Recommend or Hate?

I totally recommend this book without any reservations. This is money well spent. You’ll learn a ton.

I’ll be personally recommending this to anyone that is starting to learn frontend development, or hell, even just someone that wants a guidebook on how to handle the most commonly asked for frontend components.

Want it?

You can purchase the book through Leanpub: Buy it here.

The price is discounted to $19.99 through July 23rd, after that it goes it goes up to $29.99 so grab it now to save a good bit.

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