Road Trip Day 3 - Amarillo, TX to Flagstaff, AZ

The day started out with Kasie (my wife) being even worse off then she way yesterday.
She had an extremely high tempature so we got with the urgent care client again to figure out what was wrong. Her blood work came back OK and they think it is a virus.

We decided to cancel the trip and come how so she could recover. I booked a hotel room in Amarillo for another night so she could rest. Around 1pm or 2pm this afternnon her fever broke and she made an almost complete 180. We got back on the road to continue the trip and she has continued to get better.
So today has definitely been a good day. We had a hotel booked in Phoenix but decided to stop in Flagstaff since Kasie was exhausted.

So here I am sitting up extremely late with very little sleep catching up on sending out invoices and typing to you. We saw some beatiful scenary today driving through TX, NM and AZ. This trip is going to be awesome. Enjoy this piture of Arizona:

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