Road Trip Day 4 - Flagstaff, AZ to Mexican Hat, UT

This was my first time ever visiting Flagstaff and I’m really surprised by how nice this city is. I thought it would be another small town but it’s really awesome, plenty of bars and restaurants, a ton of bikers and people preparing for hiking or kayaking.

We woke up late and had breakfast at the little cafe in front of our hotel. Then we headed out to the Grand Canyon. Words really can not describe the depth and beauty of this place.
How centering it is to stand before something so massive that you can’t even see all of it.
It reminds us of how small we are but how wonderful life is that we can experience these things. It reinforces how nature can feed the soul in ways that material things never will.

We ended the day by watching the sun set over the Grand Canyon and then drove to a little cliff-side inn in Mexican Hat, UT for some much needed rest.

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