Road Trip Day 5 - Mexican Hat, UT to Cortez, CO

Today I woke up on time for once and went down to the little diner attached to the hotel for breakfast, I really love this hotel (the San Jaun Inn), it’s completely authentic and the people have been awesome. They’re shooting a movie here so I spoke with the manager of the diner, who is going to be in the movie, and the director of the movie for a bit.

After breakfast we packed up and headed out to Monument Valley. It’s hard to compare this to the Grand Canyon but I would say they are both equally amazing. We took the guided tour through the valley and learned the history of the Navajo people in this region. It was crazy to see the people that still lived primitively in the valley. The drawings on the side of the buttes that are hundreds if not thousands of years old were beatiful and awe inspiring. The Navajo people have an amazing respect for their elders and the land.

In the end words can’t describe how great of an experience this is.

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