Personal Update - Feb 2014

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any personal updates so I figured it’s about time. The last update was when we moved to Vegas in June of 2013. Well it’s been a fun journey since then and figure it’s time for the commemorative 2013 year in review blog post.

I was working for a US government (mostly DoD) contractor doing ExtJS/CodeIgniter/whatever apps in the first half of 2013. I was leading the R&D team, working with Michael Wales, and really having a great time.

In the middle of 2013 I moved back to my previous company, creating healthcare and insurance software. I’m working with a smaller team now, feeling more fulfilled technically/creatively. I’m in a more developer/architect type role this time around and it’s really a great fit.

I also split my time between Vegas and Portland, OR. I love Vegas because, well shit it’s Vegas. There’s an energy there that’s just awesome. Portland has been awesome as well though, hipsters and all ;) It’s laid back, a big city yet still feels more like a small city. Portland is hard to describe but I love it.

I’ve made several new friends in the Portland area. I’m a co-organizer of the PDX PHP Usergroup.

My wife Kasie and I have taken a ton of vacations this year, more than I can remember really. Plenty of fun on the Vegas strip. I spoke at the Midwest PHP conference in Minneapolis, MN. San Deigo with muh boys Micah, Jacob and Josh. California with Anna and Andrea. The Oregon coast. Everywhere in Washington. Panama City Beach, FL with Jessica. Montana with Alexis. Saratoga, CA for a concert. Jackson Hole WY with my parents. Thanksgiving in Lake Tahoe, CA with Joey and Alexis. Seattle with my sister/brother in law and nieces. Plus a few concert and small weekend trips. It’s been an incredibly full year with travel and we’ve loved every minute of it.

I really should blog about our travels more, I probably missed a trip or two in there…

That’s really most of the personal, non-technology related news. New explorations around Nevada, California and the Pacific Northwest of the US. New friends and just generally fun times. I hope 2013 treated you well.

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