Building Secure PHP Apps - Early Release

Hey, sorry for taking like six months since my last blog post. I missed you, promise. BTW, have I mentioned how awesome you are?

I’m breaking my silence / severe writing laziness to annouce that I’m opening my ebook, Building Secure PHP Apps, for early access. It’s for sale on Leanpub right now. Currently at about 40% complete and writing around one chapter every one to two weeks so it will be done soon.

If you’ve ever wished you knew more about security, HTTPS, password encryption, etc then this should be a good guide for you. Also if you’ve ever used my Ion Auth library for CodeIgniter I suggest you check this out so you can implement good security practices in future PHP apps.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about security and am really passionate about it. I want to help people keep their site and their users safe without having to learn it the hard way.

Anyway, if you’re interested you can learn more and buy it here:

     Securing PHP Apps

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